Our Doctors

Dr. Abdullah  Haddid

Dr. Abdullah has graduated from Medical College in 2012 and worked as a medical officer for more than 5 years and has a background in General Internal Medicine and emergency medicine before he moved into his postgraduate General Practice training. He is a Registrar of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. His special interests include Dermatology and Minor Surgery. His passion for emergency medicine, men’s health, pediatrics, preventative health makes him a valued General Practitioner in our team. He has a holistic approach towards care and believes in managing the whole person rather than just a disease or a disorder.

Dr. Amit Kshatriya

Dr. Amit Kshatriya has a special interest in pain management, men’s health, general medicine and chronic disease management. He is a valued general practitioner at Aberdeen Surgery.

Dr. Monzurul Alam

Dr. Monzurul Alam has a special interest in medicine, men’s health, chronic disease management and mental health. He is a valued general practitioner at Aberdeen Surgery.

Dr. Zahraa Alassaf

Dr. Zahraa Alassaf is currently on on PEP program. Her main areas of interest are women’s health, chronic disease management, mental health and pain management. She is a valued doctor within our clinic.

Dr Marat Abdulaev

Dr Marat Abdulaev is a graduate of Bashkir State Medical University (Russia), with a Doctor of Medicine degree, which he completed in 1999.

He then went on to complete his residency in 2002, has also completed vascular surgery training in 2004, and eventually completed his PhD in 2006.

Dr Marat has a special interest in Phlebology (treatment of varicose veins), and Ultrasound / endogenous thermals / laser / radiofrequency.

In his spare time, Dr Marat enjoys aikido martial arts and going on hikes.