After Hours

Request an after hours, bulk billed*, doctor home visit

13SICK booking lines are open from 6:00 pm weekdays, 12:00 pm Saturdays, all day Sunday and public holidays.
* if eligible for Medicare rebates

The most common illnesses our doctors treat after hours:

  • top10_ic1
    Acute respiratory infections
  • top10_ic2
  • top10_ic3
    Skin infections and rashes
  • top10_ic4
    Urinary tract infections
  • top10_ic5
  • top10_ic6
    Eye complaints
  • top10_ic7
    Neck, back and hip pain
  • top10_ic8
    Elderly ailments
  • top10_ic9
    Migraine and acute headache
  • top10_ic10
    Ear ache